Ready To Travel Like It’s 1999?

Now you can travel like it’s 1999! Do you know of any reason why you should pay more than you have to on travel? Me neither! That’s why I am here! You will save more than you ever expected and travel more! Get vacancy rates or even wholesale rates! You will think that your travel was in a time capsule when you see how low our rates are! Guaranteed to beat any other price 110%!

Jifu Travel is the supreme Wholesale Travel Club with the world’s best luxury lifestyle strategy. No charges or up charges on your preferred travel!

There are two ways to enjoy JIFU (Chinese word for “having a good time” pronounced “gee-foo”) travel:

  1. As a member
    As always, membership has its privileges. For $100 down and $25/month you can get the wholesale rates. These are the same wholesale rates that Expedia and Priceline and all of their subsidiary companies are privy to! Also you can make a fantastic income relatively easily by helping others save on their travel expenses with vacancy rates or even wholesale rates!
  2. By receiving a “Buddy Pass” from us for free. If you are planning a trip in the next six months and will only be taking the one trip this year then this could end up saving you more money than the membership! Click Here to ask us about the FREE Buddy Pass!
    Minimize rates on all leading hotel and resort brand names throughout the world. Fantastic for business travelers also!

    Earn reward credits on every purchase you make. Build up your benefit credits and utilize to book travel.

    We repeat – We guarantee to credit you 110% of the differential if you discover a hotel less expensive online. CLICK HERE for details

    It’s all that you require for wonderful travel experiences. Register today and SAVE BIG.

Start ticking off items on your bucket list!
A new life of travel adventures awaits you HERE


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Start ticking off items on your bucket list! A new life of travel adventures awaits you HERE