Zuiderdam MegaVoyage 2018-2019, Eidfjord, Norway, Part 2 of 2

Again, today I rose early for sail in to Eidfjord and wow…Absolutely stunning scenery…the weather was picture perfect…this small town of 900 residents is surrounded by mountains and glaciers. We got off the ship early and made our reservation for a taxi to take us to Voringsfossen Waterfalls…with only two taxis in town, we were given the 11 am time slot. While waiting for the taxi pickup we toured the town and the tourist shops.   We ran into our Guest Relations friends, Claes & Jorn who were checking out the Kayaks….  Guess they couldn’t find a wetsuit.  The taxi arrived and we started our trip to Voringsfossen Waterfall through the steep Mabodalen Valley….we enjoyed the striking scenery on our way up to the falls. At the end of Eidfjord Lake the Waterfalls cascade down about 600 feet..a majestic site for sure…we returned to town with a drop off at the old church…making our way back to town, we walked around the lake to get some different angle photos of Eidfjord and the surrounding mountains…the sail away views cruising the Hardanger Fjord were breathtaking through dramatic nature. Norway is a beautiful country.


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